• Layoffs

  • Quantity claims

  • Processing of employment regulation files

  • Negotiation of Collective Agreements

  • Substantial modification of working conditions

  • Holidays

  • Professional qualification demands

  • Disability Request

  • Discharge of medical discharges

  • Social Security

  • Actions before labor inspections

  • Violation Act Challenges

  • Occupational Risk Prevention (PRL)

  • Preparation of payroll and social security



  • Corporate law

  • Insolvency law

  • Industrial and intellectual property

  • Competition law

  • Mergers and divisions

  • Constitution of societies

  • Patents, licenses and trademarks

  • Company restructuring

  • Claim of commercial debts

  • Right of transportation



  • Crimes: murder, injury, abortion and other crimes against people

  • Property crimes

  • Alcoholism and other crimes against road safety

  • Drug trafficking crimes

  • Crimes against public administration

  • Money laundering offenses


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