Do you have a business idea? We help you get it started. Whatever your idea, contact us, and we will help you from the first moment with all your questions. Here we have at your disposal a team of professionals that will advise you on freelancers and entrepreneurs.

  •        Business plan

  •        Choice of legal form

  •        Incorporation process

  •        Startup

  •        Telematic creation

  •        Financing

  •        Government subsidies

  •        Labor recruitment

  • How to become self-employed?

  • The statute of the self-employed worker

  • Social Security benefits

  • Self-employed Insurance

  • Budgeting

  • How to write a contract?

  • How to make an invoice?

  • The electronic invoice or e-invoice

  • Freelance job offers

  • Being freelance




  • Accounting (accounting, budgetary and financial analysis ...)

  • Taxation (VAT, IRPS, I. Companies ...)

  • Business Management (Communication, cost management, organization ...)

  • Labor (contributions, salary compensation, tax regulations ...)

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